St George Bank Corporate Dinner
Fiesta Tropicale | Corporate Dinner Performance

CORPORATE Specialty Act — Stage Or Roving
With their professional approach to all clients’ requirements, Fiesta Tropicale is fully adaptable to all corporate venue situations.

Be it the Hyatt ballroom stage, the Hilton poolside, an outdoor expo on Sheraton lawn, Marriot poolside, roving along Boat Show walkways, or between Convention Centre display stalls, Product launch, Gala openings, they have the theme & the clean pro attitude to fit all occasions.

In 34+ years this Brisbane based Tropical Band has launched countless products, opened stores, National & international functions, political gathering, CHOGAM, Expos, and conventions. Small eg.: Hyundai, Coca Cola, Bunnings, Woolworths, Heart foundation, Pharmaceutical companies, Virgin Blue, Flight Cre, St. George bank etc. etc.

Corp. Christmas -Moda Brisbane

Coles Shopping Gala Oppening

Calypso Trio + BandOnWheels - Roving Between Covention Cre Displays
Calypso Trio + “BandOnWheels” PA
– Roving between Convention Cre Displays

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