June 2017 Performances

International Home Garden Expo  July 2017

Hamilton Island Mexican Trio March 2016

Singapore Grand prix 2015

Bundaburg Multicultural Festival 2015

Fraser Coast Multicultural Festival; March 2014

Next public performances;

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Mariachi Celebrations

Cuban themed party Enogera,  Home Outdoor Expo,

Brisbane EKKA; 11am to 3pm daily August 5th to 14th [ parade at 1pm , roving walkways, & stage shows] China

Hong Kong & China Tour 2013

World Festival Sabah Borneo

Musicians wanted for Asia travelling group [press-read more]

Having toured 20+ times in Asia with Fiesta Tropicale, & back packed myself for 15+ years, I have gathered extensive connections & knowledge about venues and possable gigs in Asia. [From 5 star resorts to beach restaurants]
This year I missed out on 6 weeks in India, & 4 weeks in Dubai, as well as 8 weeks in Hong Kong, because my present line up is not willing to travel.
If there are any keyboardist or guitarist, percussionist or drummer, woman dancer, woman singer, or horn players interested in travelling with music, please call or email me . Michali ; m@fiestatropicale.com.au or Tel 07 38467156, or  Mob # 0402057326

Friday, June 30th, 2017