Caribbean Pirates Band

Caribbean Pirates Band

Roving / strolling / walk act: Caribbean pirates Calypso Roving band on wheels are an innovative group of Buccaneering musicians & dancing wenches on a musical voyage to the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. A specialty act based in Brisbane Australia, they feature trumpet, trombone, keys & steel timbale drums.

Their battery powered “Band on Wheels” speaker box PA derssed as a Pirate ship can blast Calypso songs all over the theme park or festival walkways.

“Arrr”, “Ay Ay”, “Ahoy”, ye land lubbers. Dead man’s chest, & drunken sailor, Coconut, banana & Hot Hot Hot songs, are just a sample of dancing pirate songs for ye all.

Bound for Island Tortuga ,with lots of time, we’ll need to play some musical pirate Flag games, & pull the ship from the sand banks with our limbo/skipping rope, so you audience will need to help.

This 2 to 6 piece talented Brisbane Australia based roving/strolling Latin /Calypso Pirate act has been featured in Taiwan Water theme parks 2004 to 2007 & locally at beach events, pool parties, lots of outdoor festivals & parties.


(1) Taiwan Roving Pirates ‘Clearly Now”;

(2) Roving Pirates (Taiwan 07) “Drunken Sailor”:

(3) Roving Parade Pacific Fair Shopping Mall “BandOnWheels” :

Taiwan Water Park
Taiwan Water park

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