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Southport State School

Primary & Secondary schools

Fiesta Tropical Duo conduct 20 to 50min school percussion & Latin music workshops.

Trio Fiesta Tropicale including Colombian dancer can also do dance workshops. Learn to dance Salsa, Cha Cha, Samba, and etc.

Latin & English Caribbean Music & Percussion Workshops (20 to 50 min’s)

It’s a fun educational view of Latin music, Rhythm, & dance, with lots of hands on class involvement. Every one leaves exercised & with a smile.

Duo consists of trumpet/trombone & keyboards/ vocals. (Percussion instruments: steel timbale drums, clave, guiro, maracas, bell & congas)
PA (battery powered) & props supplied by Fiesta Tropicale, so workshops can be anywhere, even outdoors under the trees.

We prefer the Trio including Dancer for extra dance workshops.


  • Band plays Cha Cha Cha as class gets seated
  • Introduction & brief history of Latin Caribbean music & rhythms (African percussion + Spanish harmony & brass)
  • Salsa/Mambo song played with Cuban Congas played with Timbale drums & clave explained.
  • Merengue music performed: maracas, guiro & bell rhythm explained with some students demonstrating.
  • Macarena dance by some girl students for class enjoyment (samba rhythm)
  • Calypso / limbo class involvement (English Caribbean. islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad etc.). Kids love to limbo to let off steam
  • Class leaves with band playing

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Primary School

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Duo Workshops

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